Monday, January 11, 2010

Today I...January 11th

Today I...

...had a very quiet day at work.

...was kinda late to choir practice because I forgot that the bus schedules changed last week since I rarely take them outside of rush hour. Oops!

...had fun at my choir practice since we started three new pieces for our concert in March, we're singing Handel's Messiah.

...had slightly murderous thoughts, along with everyone else in the choir, towards whoever used the unusually powerful glade-like spray after using the bathroom towards the end of practice. God, what an inhumanely powerful artificial Lilly-of-the-valley STENCH!!!

...had yet another interesting character as a bus driver on the way home, this one was wearing an 18th century three-pointed hat. Thankfully though, he was a better driver than Weird Al, much more cheerful too.

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