Saturday, January 9, 2010

Today I...January 9th

Today I...

...talked on Skype with my Sweetheart and had a good laugh when he sent back a caricatured picture of me that I had just sent him, telling me that he had fixed up the coloring a bit since he thought the original one was too red. He made my nose huge and my mouth into a frown! Good thing I have a sense of humor, eh? lol

...did my laundry.

...did my Pilates while waiting on my laundry.

...washed the dishes.

...practiced my singing so I won't be too rusty when choir starts up again on Monday.

...cleaned out my drawers and filled a bag with clothes to give away that I haven't worn in a while, I'll go drop it in the goodwill bin tomorrow.

...booked my train ticket for my vacation to Toronto next month, I'm going to my cousin's wedding and then I'm spending a week at my sweetheart's place, yippee! Toronto may not sound too exotic, especially since I normally go down south on vacation, but my grandparents are going to be in Toronto for the wedding so I can't go down their way and personally, I'd rather chew sand than take a plane to the States right now. Sorry US, but until these security issues are ironed out, I think I'm going to be staying up here in Canada or going to Europe on vacation once I can afford it.