Friday, January 29, 2010

Today I...January 29th sharing a picture of some children wandering among the Inukshuks at the Winter Fest last weekend with you.

...found myself thinking that it was cold enough here today that having Inukshuk lined streets would have been most appropriate. It was literally cold enough to freeze nose hairs.

...had a very quiet day at work, we didn't even get any mail!

...had some good giggles with my colleagues. It was Friday, so we were all pretty laid back. puzzled. How can I collect 10 comments on my Skywatch post some weeks and then others, like this week, only get two even when I commented on four peoples' posts? I guess some of those lucky folks that get, you know, 34 comments on their posts will read all their comments and then only answer a few of them. having a very quiet evening, winding down from my week and doing my laundry because I'm going out tomorrow and Sunday and was concerned I might not have enough time to do my laundry. slowly getting ready to leave for my 11 day vacation, which starts next Friday. I wrote my letter for my pet-sitter today and got the fish food measured out and put in a container in the freezer. Yes, I feed my fish fancy food! They get frozen brine shrimp (I thaw it before feeding them, naturally) and it does wonders for the longevity of my aquatic buddies, I've had some of my fish for going on three years now and have had goldfish last up for four years!!! I have little tropical fish now though, they're very fun to watch and I don't have to clean their tank nearly as often.

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