Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today I...January 21st

Today I...

...helped my former boss (from when I worked for the Oratory's Foundation for a few months last year) move into my...uh...other former boss' (the one who quit just before Christmas) office. I was asked to put all of the files pertaining to the running of the office into boxes along with all the other stuff she left behind and identify them. It didn't take too long to do, I filled up...gosh, maybe ten boxes? I don't remember, but considering how much stuff there was, the fact that it only took up two and a half hours of my morning and another hour of my afternoon was quite impressive. Anyhow, the bottom line is that the foundation and another department are moving into our office space and we're moving upstairs to the second floor and are taking over some offices up there that are currently being used by the magazine editor, some fathers and the director of the sacristans (a sacristan prepares mass and in the case of the Oratory also oversees the rotation of the 10 000 candles in the votive chapel to make sure there are always fresh ones to be lit. We should be moving within the next two weeks.

...went for a manicure with a friend after work. I don't go for manicures very often because I've never been very lucky with manicurists and even though I tell them that I don't get manicures very often and that my cuticles are therefore very sensitive, they're still not gentle. The manicurist I had today was particularly rough and hit the sensitive skin below my cuticles. Ouch!!! I made sure that I wouldn't end up with her when I made my appointment for two weeks from now.

...had a pizza and girl-talk evening with my friend after our manicure, it was lots of fun!

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  1. I never have manicures, but I adore having a pedicure and would have them weekly if I could afford it!!