Friday, January 22, 2010

Today I...January 22nd

Today I...

...finally got rid of my bad shuttle bus karma. The Oratory has a shuttle bus that can take people up the hill from street to the level of the church. I normally take it up in the morning because as you can see, it's quite the climb. I have to go up about 79 of the 99 steps and in the cold and the wind, it can be quite brutal. It can also be quite brutal in the blinding heat, but that's not often an issue at this time of year. Anyhow, every morning this week except for today I would ride to work in a dangerously overcrowded bus and either get off just in time to see my fair-weather friend the shuttle bus leave or glance up the hill and see it parked up there waiting for people to bring down. Great...oh well, I burned a lot of calories this week, that's for sure! Built up my cardio, too.

...was so happy to see and feel the sun for the first time in AGES!!! Too bad I had to use my afternoon off to do laundry and tomorrow is our last nice day before a nasty looking weather system comes in. I'm hoping it stalls so I can get a bit of nice weather on Sunday, my only full day off this weekend.

...enjoyed having curly hair for the day. I didn't curl it, it just did it on its own, it does that sometimes.

...managed to do my laundry without ending up with stray socks! That almost never happens in the winter, I almost invariably end up with one stuck inside a static filled sweater. in 'for God's sake I'm sick of waiting, can my vacation just get here already?' mode. I only have two weeks left to wait, but right now that seems like for-e-ver!!!

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