Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today I...January 19th

Today I...

...had a busy day at work. I got four bookings for the Novena leading up to the Feast of St-Joseph, which is on March 19th every year...except if it lands in Holy Week. We're also in the process of organizing the mass for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, it's going to take a lot of staff to get this thing off the ground, but I'm sure we'll pull it off!

...went grocery shopping on the way home from work, got in, unpacked all my food, turned around and went out to get cat food. It made for a lot of running around, I was happy to be able to shower and crash for a bit after all that!

...Finally got around to uploading some pictures of my sheet music, I picked the one I thought was best to share with you :o)

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