Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today I...January 30th

Today I...

...had a quiet day filled with ironing, laundry folding and dish washing in the morning.

...went for a very chilly walk with afternoon as I needed to purchase canned cat food, nail polish remover (last week's manicure had run it's course) and tooth paste. It's -15 with a windchill factor of -25 and I was in for a 20 minute walk to the stores and a 20 minute walk back, hauling a granny cart along behind me. I bundled up big time wearing a polar fleece sweater, a scarf, a neck warmer pulled up to my eyes, a tuque and a Kanuk coat (they're very pricey, but trust me, they're worth it!!! You do not feel the cold in them at all), plus gloves under my mitts. It worked, I was fairly toasty except for the only part of me that wasn't double layered: my thighs.

...took some close-up photos of Magique while she was actually lying still for once.

...talked on Skype with my Sweetheart for nearly 45 minutes. It was lovely, we hadn't really been able to talk a lot during the past week because he was so busy at work. He sent me a lovely photo of a sunflower he took last October and we now both have it as the background image on our computers.


  1. I just love that photos of your kitty.

    We must have sent the cold weather your way, as today it wa a lot warmer than Saturday.


  2. Absolutely amazing photos, beautiful collage. Pictures are beautifully colored, they radiate warmth and beautiful love. Have a nice day, Radka.