Monday, January 25, 2010

Today I...Janurary 25th

Today I...

... am sharing my promised daily Winter Fest picture with you. This rink has probably melted now due to all the rain we had today, but it's going to cool off again as of tomorrow so they'll probably be able to re-make it in time for next weekend's events. tired after spending half the night awake yesterday due to a mishap with my landlord's alarm system. Unfortunately he and his wife and baby were away for the weekend and only got home this morning, so they were unable to deal with it and the system made noise all night wasn't going off as such, just beeping rather loudly.

...saw that my permanent position was posted just after lunch. I took my CV and Cover Letter upstairs to the personnel office right away, so now all I can do is wait and pray...feel free to say prayers to that I can get the job.Things look good for me to get it, but this is still a rather nerve wracking process. I will probably have an interview right away when I get back from my vacation on February 16th or 17th.

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