Sunday, January 17, 2010

This weekend I...

This weekend I...

...did my laundry and changed the sheets on my bed.

...went to dinner at a friend's house and we exchanged Christmas gifts. Yes, we were late, but between her friends and my family it took us some time to get together! We had a great time though and very yummy food :o)

...went to the spa and then went shopping. It was a very successful shopping excursion indeed, I came out of it with a pair of Olympic mitts, the sixth season of the X-Files on DVD, a Charles Aznavour CD, new undies and miracle of miracles, the PERFECT pair of shoes for my cousin's wedding!!! I could not believe my luck, I am now the very happy owner of the most beautiful pair of silvery gray pumps from Naturalizer, they were just my size, are cut right below my bunions so they won't be painful (I have genetic bunions, arthritis and bone spurs on both of my big toes) and they were 100$ on special for 30$!!! I could not believe my luck :o)

...did my Pilates workout, I'm doing very well at keeping my new year's resolution of working out twice a week so far and it's really making a nice difference. I didn't have any excess weight and never have because up until I started working an office I was always very active, but I found that I was starting to get a bit of that 'desk job jiggle' around my waistline and in my thighs, so I'm working out to get toned up again! So my recommendation if you're looking to get fit in a gentle way: try Pilates! It's simple to do at home and you get results fast!


  1. I love how you always find the perfect pair of shoes when you least expect it. Now to see a photo of the pair???