Friday, January 8, 2010

This week I...

Okay, soooo, it was a bit too quiet at work this week for me to find something to post every day, so I'm gonna lump it all into one post instead :o) Enjoy!

This week I... off to a bit of a rough start after a festive weekend. I was tired. And cranky. And just didn't feel like working very much.

...waited impatiently for my permanent job offer to be posted. The suspense reached it's climax yesterday, the stress go to me and I had a bit of freak out fit by e-mail to my boyfriend. I went out to get some lunch, ate, felt better, then got home, sat around for a half hour and walked to the salon to get my hair done and back. After the walking and the pampering I felt a great deal better and am now in 'Okay, so they'll post it next week.' mode...and am wishing that they would stop telling me 'we're gonna do it soon'. Don't tell me that, pleeeeeeaaaaaase don't tell me that, anymore unless you really mean it. This is just cruelty to yours truly at this point.

...spent three days writing my cover letter for said soon (apparently) to be posted job. I finished it this afternoon and e-mailed it to my sweetheart for his opinion on it.

...was worried about my sweetie when I didn't hear from him for a few days, but then found out he was just suffering from a post-holiday crash like me. He just happens to be better at going to bed early than I am.

...had a good giggle when the chief of technical services gave a lick and a promise to two holes in my cubicle wall from where a radiator pipe used to be that were letting cold air in, by stuffing Kleenex in them and muttering that our office building was going to give him nightmares.

..enjoyed my new haircut, lots of people complimented me on it, but I was sure to tell them not to expect my hair to be straight next week. My hair has a very persistent natural wave to it and I never, ever straighten it myself because it takes me forever. I leave the straightening up to the professionals :o)

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  1. so basically if in doubt stick a Kleenex in it you say....LOL