Monday, April 12, 2010

Today I...April 12th

Today I...

...had my first conflict with a colleague (in another department, my departmental colleagues and I have never and probably never have a conflict, so like-minded are we). The said colleague is not being very cooperative, but I'm going to have a discussion with my superior about the issue tomorrow and all should be resolved quite quickly.

...had some very yummy sushi for lunch.

...had a very good time at choir practice. listening to the CD of my concert from last month, it came out quite well, although I do believe it could have been made better if the microphones had been placed a bit further back. That would have caused us to love too much seating though since there is always an 'audience free' radius around the microphones to try and minimize how much audience noise they pick up. I have a DVD of the concert too, I'm looking forward to watching it! wondering how, if I have 21 followers I very rarely manage to get more than 5 hits a day on my blog except for Thursdays and Fridays thanks to Skywatch Friday and Saturdays when I do Camera Critters. Is my blog dull or something?

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  1. conflict is something I try and avoid, hope it gets sorted out soon?

    An invisble fence wouldn't work with Molly or on beagles in general.