Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today I...March 24th

Today I...

...had a bit of a quieter day at work. I did lots of odds and ends, greeted a group and gave a tour to another. my groceries and my pharmacy shopping done. I also got my hands on a roll of packing tape, so let the packing begin...but not before this weekend I think.

...couldn't believe it when one of my aunts suggested that I use my first ever week of paid vacation to stay home in my new apartment (because I'm not taking off until after I move) and get it all set up. Uh, how about no? I mean, we're talking paid vacation!!! I would get bored out of my mind sitting around at home all week. I'm planning on leaving in mid-May, if I'm not all set up by then it would be an alarming sign that I am incredibly lazy!!!

...found myself wondering why, every once in a while (like earlier this evening), I end up booted off of my own cable modem and linked to one of the neighbors modems? I always know when this happens because my Internet runs so slowly it almost hurts! It actually reminds me of the 'speed' of an old dial-up modem...

...made up my own dinner. Gnocchi with a white wine, salmon, mushroom, green onion and cream sauce. Yum!!! Next time I'm putting salt and pepper in it though lol

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