Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today I...March 7th

Today I...

...had a more easygoing day than yesterday. No apartment visits, although the pushy building manager from yesterday did call back willing to bargain with me. I spoke with my dad and our answer is still going to be 'no' though. The place is just a bit too pricey, especially since I won't be 100% sure how much my net salary is for when I move for at least another month. I have a pretty good idea what it's going to be since my dad calculated yesterday that I get about 20% of my monthly pay deducted, but that may go up a bit when I'm through my probationary period in mid-April. Best not to take anything that might leave me tight.

...went for a visit to the spa and then for a belated birthday lunch for me with my mom and my brother. It was very yummy and I even got a slice of Key Lime pie with a sparkler in it for dessert.

...had to put wrapping paper up to cover the rest of my front windows (meaning all the way to the top) after that damned cat came back and stood up on her hind legs to see into my apartment. Magique had a fit. I therefore had to open a second roll of wrapping paper and use up the last of my scotch tape to paper the rest of windows. I hate having to use wrapping paper like this, especially since it's lovely paper, but I don't have a choice. I'll see if I can find another solution this week, especially since Magique ripped some of the new paper and tore down the making tape I put up there to hold it on. Then I had a fit and yelled at her and locked her in my bedroom. Yup, definitely need to find a better way to cover my windows. God, please help keep me sane until I move...

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