Friday, March 26, 2010

Today I...March 26th

Today I...

...had the day off since I'm working tomorrow night and Sunday night. I'm then going to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and will be off Thursday and Friday, am going in for three hours next Saturday night and am going to be off Sunday and Monday. Yup, Holy Week it is!

...spent the day cleaning and doing laundry, with a visit from my friend 'V' thrown in for good measure.

...was happy to see the carpenter. I finally have a door frame around my front door and he also started the finishing touches on my shower, but for now I find it looks even worse than it did before and he also got plaster on my bedroom floor and I can't get it off. Nice...he's supposedly coming back this coming week to put some tiles on. I'm hoping they're going to be nice, but my landlord in cheap so they're probably going to be pretty darn bland. Oh well, as long as it makes the place look nice enough that someone rents it for May 1st so I won't have to pay rent twice that month, I'll be satisfied.

...was amazed when I made it through to the provincial government's address change call center on the first try and didn't even get put on hold! Wow, now that was impressive.

...was bored by the end of the day. I don't do staying home all day very well, but in this case I didn't really have a choice.

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