Sunday, March 28, 2010

Today I...March 28th

Today I...

...tired to include a picture in this post, but Blogger wouldn't cooperate. Grr...

...woke up feeling rested after sleeping 10 hours. Wish I could do that more often!

...made macaroni and cheese (from scratch, I can't stand KD) for my dinner tonight and tomorrow night and put fried mushrooms and green onions in it. Yum!

...went to work and attended Palm Sunday mass three times in a row!

...saved Brother Andre's boots from destruction by calling in a major leak in the museum. I called security, then the museum director, then security called another director who came in and shut off the water to that sector, then he called the plumber and the carpenter to come fix the leak and get brother Andre's cassoc, hat and boots out of the affected display case. Quite the operation, but it was pretty much done by the time I left at 9:30.

...walked home in the rain, but it was only light rain without wind and it smelled like Spring so I liked it :o)

...saw lots of adorable children during the masses, one of whom became attached to me, she was incredibly sweet :o)

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  1. You will be rewarded for your good deed!!!

    I only attended church the once yesterday!!! At least you have been well blessed.......