Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today I...March 12th

Today I...realized that I forgot to post this yesterday. So I'm doing it on Saturday morning before Camera Critters. Hey, it's my blog so I can cheat anytime I want ;o)

Today I...

...was incredibly tired. It was brutal. almost everything done that I wanted to, but forgot to run something over to the Sacristies. Oh well, at least I was way ahead of the game on that one and it only needs to be done for Wednesday.

...was so tired that after eating my yogurt before heading up to the Basilica to help out the volunteers up there, I rinsed out the container and went to toss it into the recycling. I had the yogurt container in one hand and my keys for half the doors in the Oratory in the other. guess what happened? Yup, I tossed the keys into the recycling bin instead of the yogurt container. I realized it right away of course because they made a resounding clinking noise. I cried out 'Ça c'est fort!!!' (translation: 'That's just great!') and promptly began laughing at myself along with two ladies from the gift shop. Fortunately, my keys hadn't fallen in too deeply and I was able to just pluck them out and toss the yogurt container in instead. You know you're tired when...

...began feeling very frustrated in my apartment search when I didn't get a call back from one building manager and another one I contacted turned out to be a scam. Then I found another one to inquire about last night and the fella who wasn't calling me back yesterday called me back this morning. So yeah, I'm feeling better all around.

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