Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today I...March 11th

Today I... lots and lots of work done.

...went for a nice walk during lunch.

...spent a good deal of time chatting with my colleague 'J' while she printed out my seating plans for me. She's amazing, she's saving my nervous system during out ten day event by scanning my color-coded seating plans on her scanner and printing them out on her color printer. You have no idea how much time and stress she's saving me from, she's an angel :o)

...began feeling discouraged over my apartment hunt. The manager of the apartment buildings near the Oratory is being very reluctant regarding my cats and so if the manager of another building I'm hoping to visit tomorrow. I don't understand people who will allow birds in their apartment buildings but not cats. If I had to choose between having cats or birds living next door to me, I'd pick the cat, birds are way noisier!!!


  1. Good luck in your search for the apartment, sad to think that not everyone loves cats the way we do. Should be almost spring for you soon.

  2. good luck also from me with the apartment hunting.

    As I am writing this Molly is running back and forward on the deck barking at the squirrel, silly doggy!