Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yesterday I...

Yesterday I...

...forgot to come and post this, so I'm doing it Sunday morning.

...went for a second visit to that apartment that I love so much with my dad, but found out that the rent was going to go up 20$ as of September. I came back home with my dad who is one of the best accountants out there (no, seriously!) and we went over my budget. I could have afforded the apartment, but I might have felt tight every now and then and I've had quite enough of that so I had to let it go.

...went to see another apartment with my dad. It was a first floor 3& a half with a balcony, but the balcony was completely hidden behind some scraggly, overgrown cedars. It was also facing west, so it wouldn't have gotten much sun and I'm big on having lots of sun in my apartment. That's one of the only things I like about my current place, actually, is that it gets sun pretty much all day. Anyhow, bottom line is that the place was only free as of July 1st anyhow and my landlord won't extend my lease because he has people interested in my place for June 1st. Back to the drawing board!

...went for a long walk to get cat food and a few things are the grocery store...and splurged on a apricot danish from a local bakery :o) The weather was lovely and the danish was divine, so all in all, it was a nice end to the day.

...did my laundry.

...watched a movie, which is probably what entailed my forgetting to post. Sorry!

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