Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today I...March 13th

Today I...

...went to visit an apartment, liked it, applied for it and will more than likely get it! It's an inside apartment, so it had windows, but they look into a courtyard with the wall of the other side of the building just beyond it. Not much of a view, but the building is gorgeous and the apartment is lovely too. Hopefully I'll get good news tomorrow or Monday and I'll be able to move out of my current apartment the last weekend of April!

... did my laundry and vacuumed.

...spoke to my sweetheart on Skype for close to an hour, it was lovely :o) He'll more than likely come and help me move, which would be lovely :o)

...went to a St-Patrick's day sing along evening at my aunt and uncle's, it was a blast!!! home at 12:45 A.M. which was technically 1:45 A.M. and only got to bed at 1:00A.M. which was technically 2:00 A.M. ...Spring forward is way more brutal than fall back I find :oJ

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