Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today I...March 4th and 5th

Today I...March 4th

Today I...

...kept plugging along with my Novena stuff. It's getting done, slowly but steadily. I'm actually ahead this year since I'm already doing my reservation signs for the seating in the Basilica. This will help me concentrate on the seating plans next week.

...developed a blazing migraine in the afternoon that stuck with me the rest of the day and into the evening. I imagine I'll have to go to bed to get rid of it.

...went to visit that I apartment I posted about yesterday and loved it. I filled out an application for it, as did, apparently, a couple who came in to visit the place while I was filling out my application.

...had this post all ready, but ended up not posting it.

Today I...March 5th

...made yet more headway on my Novena stuff. It's getting there, but I'm going to get to the really bulky stuff tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.

...had to clean up a mistake that 'C' made. She booked a group for the wrong day during the Novena. She put them down for the 12th when they were actually coming on the 14th. Luckily the organizer called to say she was bringing a second bus so we found the mistake, but she's notorious in our department for talking a lot, so I had her on the line for a while talking about how disappointed she was about the mistake, how we absolutely HAD to have a movie about Brother Andre playing on a loop because he's going to be canonized and some people in her group absolutely DEMANDED to see the movie. I told her we would do our best, but that we might not have a room available to play the movie in, but she just didn't seem able to understand that. At least I tried and now she won't be able to say I didn't warn her ;o)

...was and still am majorly miffed when a woman from the rental agency for the apartment I applied for yesterday called and mistook me for the girlfriend of the other applicant. This woman somehow got our applications mixed up and put the couple's through first when I visited the apartment before them and handed in my application before they did. The apartment was supposedly rented before them, but when the building's owner found out about the mix up he called me and tried to offer me two other apartments, one that was available immediately and another that was available for July 1st, neither of which work out for me because I would either have to break my lease (would cost a fortune), get someone to take over my lease (fat chance since I wouldn't even rent this place to someone I disliked and no one in their right mind would rent it anyhow, unless they're really desperate), or would have to get an extension on my lease (yeah, like I want to stay here any longer than I absolutely have to). So, the last I heard the owner of the apartment building I'm hoping to rent in was going to try and get the couple to rent one of the other two apartments or try and see if the tenants in the apartment that's free for July 1st would be willing to move for June 1st instead. I haven't heard back yet, so I'll have to wait and see and hope that maybe he left a message at my office after I left.

...was disgusted when that annoying cat turned up in front of my apartment window again tonight. I went out there and put down the mothball flakes I wanted to avoid using and she came back AGAIN, my cats got in a fight after trying to attack her through the window and I wanted to cry with frustration and call that rental office to leave a message to tell them I'd take that apartment for immediate occupancy after all. Then I remembered that I have lots of wrapping paper leftover from Christmas. I'm going to take some and tape it over 75% of my front window to block the view out for my cats. Really sad for them because they like looking out there so much, but I can't handle them fighting and waking me up in the middle of the night losing it over some cat whose owners are too dumb to keep inside at night. I mean seriously, I don't know why people still let their cats out at night? Aren't they worried, like I am, that their pet might get attacked by a dog, hit by a car, stolen or caught and tortured by some sicko? Not to mention the bad name they give the general feline population when they tear up garbage bags and leave a mess behind or dig up peoples' gardens. I just can't figure it out. Apologies to anyone who has an outdoor cat and read my blog by the way. I hope it's not your cat that comes and hangs out in front of my window and I hope he or she doesn't make anyone as miserable as this cat and its owners make me.

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  1. you sound totally fed up, pop over to my blog and click on the link for the Toronto Firefighters for a bit of eye candy, but try not to look at my photo as that will scare the heck out of you!!