Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today I...March 27th

Today I...

...went out to lunch with my mother and my brother for my mom's birthday. Unfortunately she had a bit of a bug so didn't eat much, but she loved the presents we got her and we had a nice time together.

...ate absolutely everything on my plate, which is very rare for me at the restaurant.

...was dropped off at work by my brother.

...was the official boss for the first time ever. It felt kinda weird, but went well. the ambiance of the Palm Sunday mass. I'm gonna know the entire ceremony by heart by the time I leave work tomorrow though, seeing the same ceremony four times in 24 hours will do that.

...had sushi for dinner. I wasn't very hungry after stuffing my face at lunch, so it was the best solution :o)

...froze my poor little bottom off waiting for the bus.

...was happy to warm up in the shower when I got home.

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