Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today I...March 31st

Today I...

...had a busier day at work.

...eagerly awaited the end of my work day. I'm now off until Saturday when I'm going in for three hours in the evening and then I'm off Sunday and Monday too. The break is going to feel lovely.

...thought of my Sweetheart with growing impatience. He's coming in from Vancouver tonight, he's been there for a week with one of his best friends at a conference and then on a brief vacation. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very good for them, but I hope they had a good time anyhow.

...often daydreamed thinking of the different ways my Sweetheart and I could spend time together this weekend since they're announcing such lovely weather here. I'd love to go for a walk in Mount Royal Park with him and sprawl out on the grass there. We haven't been for a walk in the park since he moved to Toronto and even for months before that and I'm longing to go back there with him. tired and am looking forward to heading to bed after CSI New York. Because you know, even though they're showing a rerun, I still have to watch it :o)

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